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Jam has significant experience of undertaking Sustainability Appraisals/Strategic Environmental Assessments (SA/SEAs) and Sustainability Strategies on behalf of public and private sector clients.

Jam also offers a review service of the SA process and reports for both Local Authority and private sector clients. Succinct critiques of the work undertaken are provided in relation to the SA process, legal compliance and soundness of the plan.  Jam's work has led to the withdrawal or  modifications of numerous SAs and Local Plans, particularly in relation to site allocations.  


  • Development of robust plans/programmes 

  • Comprehensive options appraisal

  • Transparent approach to the selection and rejection of alternatives

  • Full consideration of social, economic and environmental impacts 

  • Policy and regulatory compliant proposals

  • Effective community involvement in decision making 

  • Clear audit trail of evidence + assessment for EiP/ Judicial Review 

  • Reduced risk of abortive costs/planning delays/legal challenge 

  • Delivery of sustainable development.

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  • Climate Change + Sustainability Strategies

  • Sustainability Appraisals/ Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • Screening + Scoping Reports

  • SA Critiques + Audits

  • Option Appraisals

  • Written representations + hearing statements

  • Expert witness at Examinations in Public

  • Sustainability Statements

  • Climate Change Assessments

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