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Social Value

The Equality Act 2010, Public Services Social Value Act 2012 and Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, require public bodies to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area, including the protection of the rights of individuals against unlawful discrimination. It is also necessary to consider the social value of development proposals and the impact on communities. 

Jam is committed to the delivery of social value, by achieving a balance of social, economic and environmental factors in both its internal and external operations. 

Jam is a member of the SME Climate Hub, part of the United Nations Race to Zero initiative. The SME Climate Hub enables SME leaders to future-proof their business by committing to halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and reach net-zero emissions before 2050. Jam’s commitments are set out in the Company’s Sustainability report. 

  • Social Value in Planning 

  • Sustainability Reports to support CSR + ESG 

  • Equalities Impact Assessments 

  • Health Impact Assessments 

  • Environmental Impact Assessments 

  • Community Consultation + Engagement 

Jam Consult SME Climate Hub
Jam Consult Race To Resilience
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