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Strategic Planning

The need for comprehensive Strategic Planning is increasingly the focus for new development, particularly with regard to the development of new settlements, garden communities and sustainable urban extensions. 


Jam has the skills to enable the development of truly sustainable communities combining the experience of strategic planning; master planning and sustainability assessments, in order to provide the climate resilient places of the future, which deliver net zero and nature based solutions. 


Such skills are necessary to deliver the visionary frameworks for housing and infrastructure that are so badly needed, whilst ensuring that the social, economic and environmental and issues affecting development are respected. 

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  • Climate Change + Sustainability Strategies

  • Sustainable Development Frameworks

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment/ Sustainability Appraisal

  • Green + Blue Infrastructure Studies

  • Local Environmental Improvement Plans

  • Vision + Objectives Development

  • Constraints + Opportunities Analysis

  • Mapping

  • Options Appraisal

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Planning Advice + Support

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