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Jam provides support for planning applications, from small scale development such as minor housing schemes or infill development, to large scale development such as new settlements, urban extensions or regeneration schemes. 

Jam has detailed knowledge of sustainability + planning policy and the regulations, as well as considerable experience working with both private practice and local authorities.  Jam is therefore well placed to prepare supporting documents for submission, as well as representations for planning appeals. 

Jam can also provide a review and audit of documents such as EIAs, planning and sustainability statements to ensure they are regulatory and policy compliant, either before submission on behalf of the developer or after submission on behalf of the local authority.

Jam consult - planning
  • Sustainability Statements 

  • Planning Statements 

  • Energy + Climate Change 

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

  • Equalities Impact Assessments (EqIAs) 

  • Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)

  • Community Consultation 

  • Planning Application + Supporting Documents 

  • Representations for Planning Appeals + Local Plans 

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