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South Essex GBI Study 

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Image: Alexandra Steed URBAN

South Essex Green + Blue Infrastructure Study (SEGBIS)

Jam Services
Planning + Sustainability

Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA)

Alexandra Steed URBAN
Prior + Partners/ Green Infrastructure Consultancy

A ground-breaking and multi-award winning strategy for the delivery of sustainable growth, South Essex
GBI balances opportunities for nature recovery and biodiversity with the pressing needs for new housing
and infrastructure, whilst enabling a positive response to the demands of climate change.  
The proposals
are framed within the ambitious vision for the delivery of a new regional South Essex Estuary Park 

(SEEPARK), which will drive effective place-shaping and levelling up for the most deprived communities.

Comprehensive analysis and policy recommendations ensure the benefits of GBI are understood to 

enable best practice to be embedded within the planning documents and decisions guiding future

Covering one third of Essex (or 70,000ha) SEE Park will comprise five large-scale multi-functional landscapes, in line with the Government’s aim of protecting 30% of England’s countryside by 2030, delivering a minimum of 90,000 new homes and over 52,000 new jobs. 


Community engagement with key stakeholders has resulted in a ‘people first’ approach encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles, supporting both urban and rural communities, and investment in liveable places. A healthier, socially cohesive and biodiverse South Essex will be created by re-connecting people with their environment and connecting wildlife within and beyond the region.

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