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South Essex Estuary Park 

SEE PARK - Phase 1
Central Thames Marshland Pathfinder Project 

Jam Services
Planning + Sustainability
Local Environmental Improvement Plan

Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA)

Alexandra Steed URBAN/
Peter Neal Consulting

J0002_SEE Park View_©Alexandra Steed URB

Image: Alexandra Steed URBAN

Central Thames Marshlands is a Pathfinder Project for Phase 1 of the South Essex Estuary Park (SEE
PARK) to deliver improvements to the coastal path between Coalhouse Fort and Southend-on-Sea,
including the preparation of a Local Environmental Improvement Plan (LEIP), Landscape Design 

Proposals and Green Finance Strategy.


Jam was responsible for preparing the LEIP, which is to be used to guide the investment and delivery of 

environmental improvements from Government, developers and other organisations. The plan brings 

together all aspects of the environment into a single plan, setting out:

  • targets and regulations

  • environmental funding available 

  • planning and development issues 

  • opportunities for regeneration + sustainability.


The project has focussed on the delivery of the path improvements in the short term but has also considered potential longer term opportunities, which will provide wider gains for the community, environment and the economy to meet common goals for nature recovery and sustainable development in the area.  Potential sources of funding have also been set out.  


A key consideration in developing the proposals for this stretch of coast has been the possible disturbance to non-breeding and breeding waterbirds as a result of recreational activities. The aim has been to secure and enhance opportunities for people to enjoy their visit, whilst ensuring appropriate protection for wildlife. The proposals have therefore been necessarily constrained by the sensitive nature of the surrounding environment including the SPA, RAMSAR and SSSI designations and the need to ensure these areas are protected and enhanced.

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