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EAD Ecology 

EAD Ecology -
Sustainability Strategy

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Company Sustainability Strategy

EAD Ecology

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Jam was commissioned to prepare a Sustainability Strategy for the consultancy EAD Ecology, specialists in ecological services based in the south west of England.  

The Strategy is split into three phases to aid development, including:

  • Phase 1 - Policy Framework

  • Phase 2 - Impacts + Goals

  • Phase 3 - Report on progress

The policy framework included examining the current progress being made by the organisation regarding the sustainability of its own operations, both internally and externally, and establishing the likely impacts which need to be examined in Phase 2.  A review of management systems was also undertaken to identify the ones suitable to the company's size and operations, which can be used in later phases.  The Policy Framework included drafting company policies on Sustainability, Sustainable Procurement and Social Value, to inform other organisations of the company's commitments.

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