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Jane Mulcahey

Sustainability + Planning Director

MRTPI (Hons) Town Planning  

Jane Mulcahey is the founder and Director of Jam. Jane is a highly experienced consultant and project manager, known for her attention to detail, having worked in the field of sustainability + planning for over thirty years, in both the public and private sectors.  A committed advocate of sustainability throughout her career, Jane has sought to embed such principles both within the company’s own operations and in the services it provides.

Jane’s experience includes the preparation of Sustainability Strategies for masterplanning projects covering complex urban regeneration schemes and large new garden settlements across the UK.  Jane is a specialist in Sustainability Appraisals (SAs) and audits and is recognised as a leader in the field.  

Her work includes both the preparation and critical review of SAs; site option appraisals; as well as the preparation of written representations and acting as an Expert Witness for Local Plan Examinations.

Jane is also experienced in the co-ordination and review of Environmental Impact Assessments for high profile schemes and is well versed in sustainability + planning policy and regulations.

Jam Consult | Jane Mulcahey Director


To deliver sustainable development is complex but through an evidence based approach, change is possible.  Such a shift has been established through Jam’s work, in collaboration with others, showing there is the appetite for a new way of living: which respects the environment; is inclusive for all members of society; and ensures a strong future economy.  

Jane Mulcahey, Director

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